Matcha Tea Grade A


Matcha has been cherished by Zen Buddhist monks for close to 1 000 years – and now you can make the rich taste unique creamy texture and far-reaching health benefits of matcha a part of your own routine. Our Matcha Grade A tea powder is made from fresh leaves from Grade A Chinese Tencha green tea then stone ground using a traditional method into a fine powder. Traditionally matcha – powdered tea – is brewed in a ritualistic ceremony using a bamboo whisk and stone bowl to whip the matcha into a frothy creamy rich brew sipped directly from the bowl. Our Matcha Grade A green tea powder is made to an exacting standard of quality allowing you to participate in the unique experience of the traditional tea ceremony – but you can also enjoy our Matcha Grade A through a more modern preparation of your choosing. No matter how you choose to prepare it our Matcha Grade A powder provides a rich complex taste full body and a boost of calm energy for any time of day. Caffeine Content: MediumTasting Notes: Fresh Grassy Sweet

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