ProsourceFit Grippy Yoga Gloves


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The ProsourceFit Grippy Gloves make yoga or Pilates easier, whether you're a hot yoga fan, practice your poses on the carpet at home, or struggle with sliding in poses. The open-finger, non-slip design reduces slipping for better balance and stability – no mat required! split ProsourceFit Grippy Yoga Gloves are designed to enhance your yoga or Pilates practice by reducing the slipping and sliding that can happen when you're trying to maintain balance. The rubber dots on the palm create a non-slip hand grip to help stabilize you, while the open fingers allow you to still feel and connect with the floor. The material helps absorb sweat, and they're machine washable for easy maintenance. Increases balance and stability Non-slip rubber dots provide targeted traction and grip One size fitsmost split Material:92% cotton, 6% nylon, 2% elastin, PVC rubber dotsCare:Machine wash split