ProsourceFit Soft Medicine Ball


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Amplify your athleticism and fire-up your fat-burning potential with ProSourceFit Soft Medicine Balls. These impact-absorbing weighted balls, ranging from 6 to 20 pounds, will improve your power and coordination as you throw, catch, and lift. split Why should you train with medicine balls? The benefits of incorporating weighted balls into your workout routine include: improved hand-eye coordination, ability to train in multiple planes of movement, explosive strength and power, safely learning weight lifting form, high intensity cardio exercise, calorie-burning and fun! They are an essential functional fitness tools for your home or CrossFit box, and are perfect for personal trainers and athletic coaches. ProSourceFit Soft Medicine Balls are made to maintain a consistent shape and absorb repeated impact, such as during wall balls and throws. These non-bouncing balls are sewn with double stitching for durability. The 14 diameter ball has a soft PU leather exterior, ideal for catching and performing exercises such as weighted sit-ups and squats, air squats, cleans, and more.Note: These balls are not intended for overhead slams to the ground. Performing slams will void the warranty.Bullets Perfect for wall balls and partner workouts Non-bouncing balls for safe, dynamic training Soft exterior with durable double stitched seams 2 small side loop handles for picking up and carrying Available in 4 color-coded weights, all 14-inches in diameter split Material: PU Leather shell; rubber pellets; PP cottonSize: 14-inch diameter