ProsourceFit Speed Agility Ladder


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Do you need to increase your speed for better athletic performance? Or just want to make cardio workouts more fun? The ProSourceFit Agility Ladder is perfect for speed drills, foot work, and improving coordination and reaction time with a portable design that allows you to get a heart-pumping workout anywhere. split Agility ladders have long been popular with athletes and coaches for improving footwork, speed, and quick directional changes. The simple yet effective design is ideal for a variety of sports training, such as football, soccer, rugby, boxing and more. The multi-directional training helps with overall mobility and injury prevention. Regular use aids in cardiovascular conditioning and weight loss due to the high intensity and calorie-burn. Personal trainers and therapists will find them useful for rehabilitation as well as improving clients' balance and body control. Best of all, they make workouts fun and engaging for anyone from children to older adults. The convenient roll-up design is compact and comes in a carrying bag for easy transport for use in a gym or outdoors. Improves coordination, balance, and body awareness Great for any age user, from children to older adults Ideal for athletic training to improve foot speed and reactivity Lightweight, roll-up design is compact and travel-friendly Comes in 3 lengths with flat adjustable rungs: 4m/8 rungs, 6m/12 rungs, 10m/20 rungs Includes a convenient carrying case split 13.1′ (4m) Ladder Measurements: 13.1′ (4m) L x 19.7(50cm) W; Distance between rungs (8 total): 15.75(40cm) Weight: 1 lb Material: Plastic rungs, nylon straps19.67′ (6m) Ladder Measurements: 19.67′ (6m) L x 19.7(50cm) W; Distance between rungs (12 total):15.75( 40cm) Weight: 1.4 lb. Material: Plastic rungs, nylon straps32′ (10m) Ladder Measurements: 32′(10m) L x 19.7(50cm) W; Distance between rungs (20 total): 15.75(40cm) Weight: 2.31 lb Material: Plastic rungs, nylon straps split