ProsourceFit Stability Exercise Ball


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Develop core muscles and overall strength, increase balance, and improve posture with the versatile ProsourceFit Stability Exercise Ball. The anti-burst construction is made to last through any studio, gym, or at-home workout and is ideal for both beginners and pros. split Stability balls have become one of the most common workout tools gyms and Pilates studios, whether on the weights floor or in the yoga room. Exercise balls can be used to strengthen the core in a variety of ways, as well as improve balance and flexibility. The durable 2000-pound anti-burst design ensures your safety and adds diversity to your workout to keep you challenged. Includes a foot air pump so you can inflate and deflate easily for simple storage and travel. Provides a wide variety of challenging and core strengthening workouts Increases flexibility, tones abdominal muscles, and improves posture Durable 2000 lb. anti-burst construction, and easy-to-clean material Includes easy to use foot air pump and extra air plug Offered in 55cm, 65cm, and 75cm in diameter split Measurements:55cm/ 65cm/ 75cmMaterial:?PVCCare instructions: To clean your ProsourceFit Stability Exercise Ball, wipe off sweat after use with a soft towel or cloth. To wash the ball, use warm, soapy water and a soft cloth. Do not use any chemical cleaners or abrasive materials. Store the Exercise Ball either inflated or deflated in a cool, dry place. Keep out of extreme heat or cold, and do not use near heaters or lamps, or excessive sun exposure. Do not store or use the ball near sharp objects or rough materials that could damage the surface of the ball. split