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Lift and balance your way to a stronger physique with the ProsourceFit Toning Balls. The ergonomically designed PVC small weighted balls fit perfectly in your hands as dumbbells alternative and are available in 6 color-coded weight options; 2 lb, 3 lb, 4 lb, 5 lb, 6 lb, 8 lb. split Boost your body's coordination, strength and balance with the versatile Toning Ball! Not to be confused with larger medicine balls, the ProsourceFit Toning Balls are palm sized exercise balls that can be held in one hand and were originally developed for Pilates exercises like butterflies or side-lying arm circles. These ergonomically designed soft weighted balls can also be a great dumbbell substitution, fitting the curves of your hand perfectly to alleviate any wrist or arm discomfort during upper body exercises. Made of durable PVC, the mini workout ball is filled with natural sand that helps create instability during exercises; activating multiple muscle groups at once for more effective workouts. These mini toning balls have a soft grippy texture, ideal for use as extra resistance during lower body workouts like fire hydrants or donkey kicks, to gain strength during yoga or as back support during physical therapy. The ultra-comfortable Pilates weighted hand ball doubles as a core stabilizer during balancing exercises and helps promote flexibility as a stretching assistant. Bring these portable body sculpture toning balls anywhere with you for a quick workout or stretch session whenever you want. Comes in 6 ideal resistance options for building strong and lean muscle, ranging from 2 lb to 8 lb and color-coded! Ideal for improving flexibility, balance and muscle strength Use as an unstable surface or weight to engage deep stabilizing muscles Comfortably designed to fit perfectly in your palm Made of a soft yet durable PVC exterior and a natural sand filling Compact and portable for workouts on the go split Measurements: 2 lb (Green) – 4.7 Diameter 3 lb (Red) – 5.1 Diameter 4 lb (Blue) – 5.5 Diameter 5 lb (Yellow) – 5.9 Diameter 6 lb (Grey) – 6.3 Diameter 8 lb (Black)- 7 DiameterMaterial: ?PVC exterior, natural sand fillingCare instructions:Clean with disinfecting wipe or wet cloth. Let air dry.