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Get the arm-sculpting benefit of weights during your cardio without the hassle of trying to hang onto dumbbells. Add ProsourceFit Weighted Gloves to your workout for a hands-free way to add resistance and tone up. split ProsourceFit Weighted Gloves are easier on your hands and wrists during your cardio exercise than carrying dumbbells, and can be transported anywhere. Great for walking, running, or boxing, the added weight provides resistance to help tone your arms and build overall strength and stamina. The 1-pound neoprene training gloves fit comfortably around your hands with two finger holes and open palms, so they can also be added to your normal weight lifting or sports workout. The Velcro closure provides a secure fit for any size hands. Available in black and blue. Strengthens and tones arms, chest, and shoulders Improves overall stamina with additional resistance Each glove weighs 1 lb and is made out of neoprene for enhanced comfort One size fits all; Velcro closure for secure fit split Measurements:6″L x3.5″W x1.5″HMaterial: Neoprene, Iron pelletsCare Instructions: Spot clean or wipe with a damp cloth and place in a well-ventilated area to dry. Do not wash or soak in water or cleaning solutions. split