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Anyone new to exercise knows how challenging it can be to build the strength and flexibility required for many exercises. Any advanced athlete knows it's critical to find new ways to keep their body challenged. ProSourceFit Xfit Power Resistance Bands are the perfect workout partner for either type of person, giving you the assistance and challenge you need to progress in strength, power, and agility. split Using ProSourceFit Xfit Power Resistance Bands is like having a workout partner whenever you need a little assistance as you work hard to progress. Learn a muscle-up or pull up faster, train for greater agility and endurance, and stretch in ways you couldn't otherwise. Power bands can be paired with common exercises to generate more resistance in workouts, enabling seasoned athletes to develop more muscle and strength. The closed-loop design is thin and lightweight, yet durable, and color coded for resistance levels from 10 lb. all the way up to 150 lb. Whether you're ready for a new challenge, or a newcomer to the gym, Xfit bands are sure to improve your fitness.Resistance Levels: Black-60 lb to 150 lb; Blue-50 lb to 120 lb; Red- 40 lb to 80 lb; Green- 30 lb to 50 lb; Yellow- 10 lb to 35 lb Perfect for total body workouts Increases flexibility, strength, and agility Provides assistance for pull ups, push-ups, and more 5 bands with color-coded resistance levels split Measurements: Black-60 lb to 150 lb. -41L x 2.5W x 3/16TBlue-50 lb to 120 lb. -41L x 1 W x 3/16TRed- 40 lb to 80 lb. -41L x 1 1/8W x 3/16TGreen- 30 lb to 50 lb.-41L x W x 3/16TYellow- 10 lb to 35 lb. -41L x W x 3/16TMaterial: 100 % LatexCare:ProSourceFit XFit Bands are made with 20 layers of sheet latex for high-quality strength and durability. To ensure optimal performance and prevent breakage or injury, please follow these care and use guidelines: Before each use, check bands for damage in order to avoid breakage while training Do not use bands on abrasive surfaces, as this can cause damage and weaken the outer layer Though bands are intended to stretch, do not stretch more than 2 1/2 times their original length Do not release the bands when under tension to avoid injury. Carefully return bands to their original length before releasing. Always use a strong anchor point, such as a closed door or sturdy piece of equipment Store in a cool, dry place away from moisture, heat, and direct sunlight Do not use soap or other cleaning products on bands, as it may damage and/or weaken bands. Wipe with a damp cloth to clean. split