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Eat fish daily

grilled swordfish

Eat Swordfish daily

Going to do my grilled swordfish seasoned with oregano and garlic top of the fresh herb and preserved lemon gremolata with butternut squash mixed sweet peppers and current in a roasted garlic vinaigrette.  Swordfish works on the grill incredibly well for this time of year in California it's nice but look at these beautiful steaks close a lot of ways we can go we're going to make this fantastic gremolata this going to go on top of flavors right now give it a chance to marinate a little bit will parsley get a few leaves some oregano and a little enhancement. I don't have a shallot but I will use onion hair a baby onion body in the bag lemon zest S&P Hutchinson paprika and there should be a nice little enhancement to it and I don't want to purchase I'm not making Ceviche with a little bit of lemon juice.  It's okay beautiful steak drop this one in and they're heavy and Snake River Farms Marbled Wagyu Brisketdense for me to eat one of these completely thanks for a little bit. I've got your beautiful squash here cubing it up exactly what what is fresh and what really is beautiful red onions large pieces like this Anaheim pepper. Heat red bell pepper take the cheeks off of these nice yellow bell pepper little olive oil salt pepper and I got one more thing I got to add to this and that is some garlic. So what am I going to do a little pouch or tent with olive oil as well salt of the goods my temperature  400 got to keep an eye on I got some salt into my water I got some wheat berries over here I have a cup of the wheat berry. Now stack that as the base and add the gremolata and top with the grilled swordfish. Enjoy.

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