ProsourceFit Aluminum Speed Jump Rope


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For the fitness multi-tasker trying to lose weight, increase endurance, and tone muscle, a jump rope with weighted handles is a must have. The lightweight wire cable allows you to jump with speed, while the aluminum handles provide weight for an upper-body workout. Great for a total body challenge! split The ProsourceFit Aluminum Jump Rope uses high quality, durable wire cable for smooth rotation and speed and CrossFit jumping without tangling. 6-inch long weighted aluminum handles provide a secure grip while challenging your upper body as you jump. Great for general cardio exercise, it's also perfect for athletes of all levels. The cable is adjustable for your height, simply cut and adjust the screws on the handle accordingly. Compact and easy to carry, this rope is great for travel so you can squeeze in some cardio anywhere. Provides total body conditioning and develops coordination, agility, footwork, and endurance Aluminum weighted (3 oz.) ergonomic handles provide better traction than plastic One size fits all – the 2 oz. durable wire rope is fully adjustable up to 10 ft. Excellent for beginners as well as athletes of all levels Ideal rope for double unders and speed jumping split Measurements: Adjustable up to 10 ft.Material: Aluminum handles; Vinyl-coated steel rope split