ProsourceFit Dip Station


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Train your triceps, chest, and shoulders in the comfort of home with the heavy duty ProsourceFit Dip Station. Adjustable parallel dip bars allow you to safely perform a variety of exercises using only your bodyweight to shape and build your upper body. split Enhance your home gym with this multifunctional dip stands. The lightweight, portable design is easy to move around wherever you need it. Single dip bars adjust from 31 to 35 in height, making it great for a variety of users. A safety connector provides extra stability and allows the distance between U-shaped bars to be adjusted from 16 to 23 at increments of 1 . This means users of all shapes and sizes can set it at the ideal size to strengthen your chest, back, shoulders, triceps and abs using only your bodyweight. The padded grips make it comfortable to perform tricep dips, inverted rows, incline push-ups, L-sits and more. Non-slip rubber feet and a safety connector help to keep the base stable and prevent moving when in use. The heavy duty parallel dip bars can support up to 400 pounds, making them perfect for any variety of users in both home gyms and fitness studios. 24 wide, 31 inch (extends to 35) Non-slip rubber feet & safety connector for stability Length between bars extends from 16 to 23 Ideal for tricep dips, rows, L-sits and much more Increase your strength using only bodyweight split Measurements:Single Bar: 16L x 24W x 31H (Height is adjustable to 35)Fully extended assembled unit: 41 L x 24W x 35HNon-extended assembled unit: 35 L x 24W x 31HMaterial: Iron Tube, RubberWeight:23.5 lbSupports weight up to 400 lb. split split