ProsourceFit ExL Vibrating Roller 13″x6″


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What do you get when you combine a high density textured foam roller with vibration therapy? Ultimate muscle recovery and performance! The ProsourceFit ExL Vibrating Foam Roller is an essential for athletes and fitness lovers to warm-up, increase range of motion, and accelerate healing. 3-speed technology aids in quick healing and soothing sore muscles, and the 13×6 size is small enough to carry anywhere. split The innovative ExL Vibrating Foam Roller combines the multi-faceted grid design of our Sports Medicine Roller with vibration therapy for the most effective muscle massage. The high-tech blend results in greater range of motion and reduced pain than standard self-myofascial release tools. It's the perfect solution for any athlete looking to improve their performance and mobility. The internal motor offers you three speed options for a customized massage, giving you control for the muscle repair and pain reduction you need. Level 1 is lowest intensity, great for long rolling sessions or pre-workout warm-ups; Level 2 provides moderate intensity for post-workout recovery; Level 3 gives you the most concentrated massage, ideal for deep knots and particularly tight areas. The compact 13×6 roller is perfect for travel and includes a carrying handle on one end, which hides the charging port when not in use. A single charge with the wall outlet adapter lasts for up to 2 hours. Get ready to accelerate your workouts and take recovery to the next level! Vibration therapy accelerates recovery time 3 speed levels for a customized massage Rechargeable battery for 2 hours of use split Measurements: 13″H x 6″DWeight: 3.1 lb.Material: EVA Foam; Lithium ion batteryCare: To clean your foam roller, wipe gently with soap and water and a soft cloth, or use an antibacterial wipe to disinfect. Applying a disinfectant spray after each use can also help keep your roller sanitary.Keep away from liquids and heat. split split