ProsourceFit Tread Slam Ball


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ProSourceFit Tread Slam Medicine Balls are perfect for full body workouts and relieving stress at the same time! The dead weight ball is ideal for slamming, tossing, and pressing without any bounce-back. A durable, tire-tread exterior provides a secure grip during weighted ball slams and high intensity workouts. split Heavy ball slam exercises will build power and give you a total body workout by engaging the core, arms, back and legs. Tread Slam Medicine Balls have a raised, tire tread-like surface which provides superior grip and easy handling during heart-pumping workouts. The impact-absorbing, no-bounce design lets you safely throw the ball without it rebounding back or rolling away. Durable rubber is built to take a beating through repeated slams and intense exercise. Use it for exercises like rotational throws, Russian twists, overhead slams, presses and more to boost your heart rate and improve coordination and athletic performance. Not only will the dynamic movements burn calories, but throws and slams are a great way to take out stress! Anyone from beginners to athletes can use these fitness weight balls, making them perfect for your home gym or fitness center. Available in 6 weight options from 5-50 pounds. Weighted balls come in 10, 15, 20, 25, 30 and 50 pounds Tire tread texture for non-slip grip No bounce design for slamming Ideal for power and strength exercises split Measurements: 10 lb. – 20 lb. balls: 9″ (23cm) Diameter; 25 lb. – 50 lb. balls: 11″ (28cm) DiameterMaterial: PVC, SandCare: Wipe clean with a damp cloth or towel split split