ProsourceFit Weight Lifting Straps


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Take the strain off your hands and fingers when performing heavy pulling exercises with ProSourceFit Weight Lifting Straps. Work harder and longer to build more strength and a better body. split Whether deadlifting or performing lat pulldowns, ProSourceFit weight lifting wrist straps help reduce fatigue and assist your grip. The adjustable straps help you lift heavier by taking the focus off of your hands and fingers, so you can focus on the muscles you're trying to grow. Made of durable cotton, they are built to last through regular heavy lifting and are conveniently machine washable. Available in black and beige. Designed to strengthen and secure your grip during weight training Suitable for all lifting applications – pull downs, shrugs, arm rows, and more One size fits all and fully adjustable – 21.75L x 1.5W Made of durable and machine washable cotton split Measurements: 21.75L x 1.5WMaterial: 95% Cotton, 5% Polyester Care: Machine washable. Dry flat. split