ProsourceFit High Density Half-Round Foam Roller


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Get the benefits of a core trainer and spine stabilizer with ProsourceFit High-Density Half- Round Foam Rollers! Half-round foam rollers are designed to be flat on one side and curved on the other, providing an uneven surface for core stabilization exercises, balance training and gentle stretching. split Beginner and intermediate users will find half-round foam rollers a great daily fitness and stretching tool. Available in 3 sizes: 12-in, 18-in and 36-in, you can use individually or together for combined exercises to challenge your body in entirely different ways. Try them during push-ups, lunges, planks or squats to experience working on separate destabilizing surfaces for greater results! The high density and durable EPP foam provides a firm yet unstable surface for standing exercises to improve balance, Pilates core workouts or physical therapy to regain strength in the ankles or feet. Opt for the flat side down in the beginning, as you get stronger, flip it over to the rounded side for added intensity. Enjoy benefits of spinal alignment simply by allowing your spine to rest along the long rounded edge. What's more, the versatile half round foam rollers are lightweight, portable, and compact for easy storage. Helps stretch and improve flexibility Ideal for increasing stamina, balance and core strength Great introductory foam rollers Textured surfaced for more grip Water resistant and eco-friendly split Measurements:36″H x 3″D; 18″H x 3″D 12″H x 3″DMaterial: EPP foamCare: Clean with disinfecting wipe, or wet cloth with a mild dish-washing or laundry detergent split