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Afraid To Get A Back Surgery? Try These Options Instead

Are you facing a conundrum in choosing a surgery or going ahead with life by managing pain in some way or the other?

Surgeries are a scare, there are no two thoughts about it. Going under the knife and giving control to someone else to mend & amend any part of your body while you are kept in deep slumber is definitely a trigger for panic attack. And it is totally understandable if you are looking for options to deviate from the surgery (even if your distraction is temporary) and in the hunt to find something more constructive and less scary. Please note, I include affiliate links within this post to support the maintenance and development of this site.

Back Pain fix with the Pelvic Clock

With the evolution in technology and advancements in the world of health & fitness, many non-medical solutions have surfaced over the years which are helping thousands of people around the globe achieve optimum levels of health without going through a dozen surgical procedures et cetera. One of such innovations is the ‘Pelvic Clock’.

A seemingly small device but a larger impact on the human body.

A pelvic clock helps keep your spinal and pelvic health in check. With its range of exercises from basic to expert, this device helps in maintaining the strength of the pelvic floor which in turn keeps the spine in good shape.
If your doctor has advised a lower back surgery for you to eliminate some sort of pain, do check with him again and consider the option of pelvic floor exercises with the help of a pelvic clock. In case his answer is affirmative, you are all set to step into a new journey of fitness by incorporating simple exercise routines in your daily life.

The Pelvic Clock®
The Pelvic Clock®

Here is why a pelvic clock is good for your back and better than surgery:

1. It is a pain management technique

The pelvic clock will ensure that your pain is managed by working on your muscles to relax, soothe, stretch and strengthen them, slowly but surely. With or without a surgery, this regimen will teach you how to work on your muscles in the best possible way to minimize pain and maximize comfort. Without an understanding of your muscles, you are prone to injuring yourself and causing needless discomfort. The pelvic clock will teach you how to manage your pain.

2. It is not permanent or irreversible

Unlike surgery, the pelvic clock is not a permanent change in your body or lifestyle. It does not omit or add anything to your life that cannot be reversed. In case you worked with the pelvic clock and felt some discomfort, you can always get yourself back on the mat and work towards fixing your posture which caused the discomfort in the first place. With surgeries, there is hardly any hope to get back what has been taken away. A temporary but reversible solution is a better choice.

3. It is time and cost effective

With a pelvic clock, you save time and you save money! You don’t have to pay an arm and a leg to get the device neither do you have to spend time recovering. Instead, you get two solutions for the price of one!

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Why use the Pelvic Clock® exercise device?

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