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What You Need to Know About The Pelvic Clock!

Bid Farewell To Lower Back Pain With The Pelvic Clock

Any kind of pain in the body can immensely reduce the quality of life. From a headache to an injury or a mere stressed muscle, any form of pain compromises daily functions; rendering you unable to perform day to day activities. One of the most discomforting pains of all times is the one you have on your lower back. This post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links. Thanks to modern age and changing times which have left a majority of us

The Pelvic Clock®
The Pelvic Clock®

sitting on our seats for over 6 hours a day, lower back pain has become insanely common. However, the reason for this pain can emerge from something as simple as a weak pelvic floor. By a weak pelvic floor, we mean that the muscles of your pelvis are not strong enough and become painful at the sight of constant stress.
With the regular use of the pelvic clock, you will see that your tightened muscles have loosened, you are more flexible, your muscles are strengthened and the overall stabilization of your spine is evident.

What Is The Pelvic Clock?

The pelvic clock device was invented by a former Olympics coach who had closely witnessed lower back problems in athletes and sportsmen. The pelvic clock is a little device you place under your back and with its help, you move your pelvic floor in a clockwise movement that stretches, relaxes and strengthens your lower back muscles. While this exercise can be performed without a pelvic clock, this clock actually helps to control the movement, in case you perform an incorrect movement and hurt yourself. Pelvic Clock® exercise device is a stretching aid for hip and lower back pain relief.
You don’t need to be an expert, simply follow the instructions and wait for the wonders to happen!

What You Need to Know About The Pelvic Clock!

Your body’s pelvic floor is the seat of your skeleton. It is the base which holds your upper body and lower body together and maintains a good balance, from top to bottom. Not many of us realize how important it is to take care of our pelvic floor and how it helps us conduct our daily motor functions with utmost ease and comfort.  Small changes in our routines can build up the pelvic muscles resulting in improved efficiency and optimized health.

You run to lose weight. You pick weights to build muscle. You will do all sorts of things that focus on your major goals but when you are weak internally, you attract injuries and weaknesses like magnets attracts metal.

However, here’s the good news! You don’t need lengthy diet plans or exhaustive lists of exercises to keep you fit and healthy, you can take care of your internal muscles by making smaller exercises a part of your daily routine.

For your pelvic muscles, there is a simple routine that can strengthen your pelvic floor and provide optimum support to your back and spine. This exercise is called the Pelvic Clock. Not only is this a good exercise, there is also a small device that can help you immensely in performing this exercise without doing it wrong and causing any harm. Pelvic Clock® exercise device is a stretching aid for hip and lower back pain relief.

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